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Stonefields Medical Centre is excited to introduce this new service to our enrolled patients.

With the current concern regarding coronavirus, along with our increasing busy lifestyles, being able to offer our patients the ability to have a video consultation means many things.

  • Time saved travelling to and from the GP clinic
  • Increased access to healthcare for those with mobility or transport issues
  • Reduced risk of community spread of illnesses
  • Convenience of being able to consult anywhere in NZ

Situations which are suitable for a video consultation

  • Long term mental health follow up
  • Travel Medicine
  • When there is no need for a physical examination
  • Follow up of test results
  • ACC certificates
  • WINZ certificates

Situations NOT suitable for a video consultation

  • Not for Emergency problems such as Chest pain , Shortness of breath, Acute abdominal pain, bleeding
  • Not for Babies and children

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

Standard consultation fees apply (same as in person consultation fees) 

Standard appointment times are 15minutes. Please book a double appointment (double x consultation charge applies) if you wish to have more time.

You will be sent via text your invoice with our internet banking details after your consultation. You can also pay online via credit card- please advise your doctor at the time of the video consultation to arrange.

How do I organise a video consultation?

Book an appointment as per usual

  • Via  H365 (patient portal) and annotate VIDEO 
  • Via our friendly reception staff and request a VIDEO CONSULT

If you are unsure if your medical concerns are suitable for a video consultation, please speak to our reception or nurses for assistance.

You will receive via text message  a link to our video consultation service ‘’. You will need to use a smart phone/device/computer with a camera and good internet access

Please choose somewhere quiet and with a well lit background

Click on the link 10 mins before your appointment time and you will be taken to our ‘virtual waiting room’ where your Dr will “collect” you when ready

If your Dr is running later than 15 minutes, we will endeavour to update you via the ‘virtual waiting room’

What if I need to be seen in person?

If during the consultation,  your GP advises that you should be seen in person, they will discuss with you when this should occur. Standard consultation fees apply to any subsequent follow up appointments.


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